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Malta Registered Address
As per Maltese law, "every company registered in Malta must have a registered office" within the country, regardless of where its business operations take place. A registered address is the official address of the company where important documents, including those related to the company's officers and shareholders, can be securely delivered. It must be a place in Malta, regardless of where the business operations are carried out. Here are some key points regarding the registered office for companies in Malta:
1. "Purpose of Registered Office":
- The registered office serves as the official address of the company.
- It is where important documents, including those related to the company's officers and shareholders, can be securely delivered.
2. "Requirements for Registered Office":
- The registered office must be situated in Malta.
- It must always be an effective address for document delivery.
3. "Tax Registration":
- When setting up a company, the first step is to register it with the "Registrar of Companies".
- Once all necessary documents are received, the company is automatically registered for income tax purposes.
- An income tax number (in the format of a nine-digit number) is generated for the company.
4. "VAT Registration":
- All companies registered in Malta must also register for "Value Added Tax (VAT)".
- VAT obligations include compliance and payment requirements.
- Companies can apply for VAT using a single e-form.
- There are different VAT registration options:
- "Article 10": For companies involved in various activities, including supply of goods or services in Malta, exports, and intra-community supplies.
- "Article 11": Small undertakings exempt from charging VAT to customers but also unable to claim input VAT.
- "Article 12": For companies making intra-community acquisitions of goods or purchasing services from suppliers outside Malta.
5. "Professional Assistance":
- Law firms or corporate service providers can handle the registered office requirement.
- If there are changes to the registered office, the company should inform the Registrar of Companies.
If you're considering setting up a company in Malta, it's essential to comply with the requirements for maintaining documents at the registered address. These documents may include incorporation papers, share registers, annual accounts, and dividend warrants, among others.
Remember that while using your own address as a registered address is possible, it may not always be feasible for startups. Additionally, if you're renting office space, you'll need the landlord's consent to use their premises as the registered address for your company.
Our registered office fees for your Malta Company starting from 500 Euro per year. For more information, you can visit Malta Office Solutions or at find out more about pricing at Malta Maildrop.
Remember that maintaining compliance with these requirements ensures smooth operations for your Maltese company. If you have any specific inquiries, consider reaching out our professionals who specialize in company formation and related services.
Our service team is composed of corporate lawyers, company managers, tax advisors and accountants and is specialised in business solutions and financial services and will help you in all aspects to reach your goal.
Connect your business to the world. Get in touch and reach your goals.

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