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Malta Company Law
The "principal legislation" governing companies and partnerships in "Malta" is the "Companies Act" (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta). This act was largely modeled on the UK Companies Act, resulting in the harmonization of Maltese law with the European Union Directives on Company Law. Here are some key points related to company law in Malta:
1. "Companies Act (Cap. 386)":
- The Companies Act covers various aspects of company formation, registration, governance, and dissolution.
- It provides regulations for different types of companies, including private and public companies.
- The act outlines rules for share capital, directors, shareholders, and financial reporting.
2. "Subsidiary Legislation":
- Several subsidiary regulations complement the Companies Act. These include:
- "Companies Act (Forms) Regulations"
- "Companies Act (Investment Companies with Variable Share Capital) Regulations"
- "Companies Act (Fees) Regulations"
- "Companies Act (Investment Companies with Fixed Share Capital) Regulations"
- And more...
3. "Other Related Legislation":
- Apart from the Companies Act, other relevant laws include:
- "Business Promotion Act"
- "Co-operatives Societies Act"
- "Competition Act"
- "Malta Enterprise Act"
- And specific regulations related to fees, audits, and beneficial owners.
4. "Professional Assistance":
- Legal firms in Malta specialize in corporate law and can guide businesses through compliance, company formation, and ongoing legal requirements.
As a leading corporate law firm we are providing legal solutions to international and local clients. Focused on corporate, financial services, and maritime/aviation sectors we offer as well legal, immigration, tax, and fiduciary services to businesses and private clients worldwide.
Remember that seeking professional advice ensures compliance with Maltese company law and facilitates successful business operations.
Connect your business to the world. Get in touch and reach your goals.

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