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When it comes to company formation in Malta, there are some essential details to consider. Let’s dive into the specifics:
Types of Entities:
Malta’s regulatory framework accommodates various types of entities, including public companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships and the popular choice: private limited liability companies.
Incorporation Process:
Registering a company in Malta is relatively swift. Typically, the registration process concludes with the issuance of a “Certificate of Incorporation” by the Registrar within a week of submitting all necessary documentation. The essential document for incorporation is the Memorandum of Association, which includes crucial information such as company name, capital, subscribers, directors, and company secretary. Additionally, a tailored Articles of Association accompanies the Memorandum, regulating internal company management.
Requirements for Private Limited Liability Companies:
The Memorandum and Articles of Association for private limited liability companies must:
Restrict share transfers.
Limit the number of members to 50.
Prohibit public invitations to subscribe for shares or debentures.
Remarkably, a Maltese company can be established with just one shareholder. In such cases, the company’s Memorandum or Articles of Association must:
Specify the principal activity.
Limit debenture holders to no more than 50.
Prohibit corporate bodies from being directors.
Ensure that the company’s policy remains determined by directors, members, or debenture holders.
Additional Requirements and Fees:
Public companies and special vehicles (such as SICAVs) have additional requirements.
Evidence of paid-up subscribed share capital (e.g., a bank deposit slip) must be provided to the Registrar.
No public authority clearance is necessary unless the company engages in regulated activities under specific acts (e.g., Gaming Act, Banking Act, etc.).
Company Formation Fees:
The fees payable to the Registrar of Companies upon incorporation vary based on the Authorised Share Capital:
Minimum fee: €245
Maximum fee (for share capital exceeding €2,500,000): €2,250
Additionally, there is an annual fee to the Registry of Companies in Malta, calculated based on the share capital: Minimum annual fee: €100
Maximum annual fee: €1,400
Remember that establishing and operating a company in Malta involves both time and financial considerations. If you anticipate an annual company profit of at least €200,000, a Maltese company formation becomes worthwhile.
Set up Malta Company Fees
Our team will help you in all aspects of your Malta company formation process. To eliminate barriers to trade and open business, our legal fees for the drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Maltese registered company is set at just 500 Euro, excluding registration fees and sharecapital.
"Simple Company Formation" Fees:
500 EURO
Memorandum and Articles of Association for a Maltese registered company. Additional Fees* may apply.
"Extended Package" Fees:
1250 EURO
Memorandum and Articles of Association of a Maltese registered company, Name Reservation, Registered Office for 1 year, VAT- and Tax Registration. Additional Registration Fees apply. Share capital is not included.
"All Inclusive" Fees:
pricing on request*
"Malta Holding Package" Fees:
The fees for a Malta Trading and a Malta Holding Company (Malta Holding Modell, please see Income Tax Consolidation) are just 1.250,00 EUR, excluding registration fees, minimum share capital and registered office.
*ask for details
We also can provide the following services:
1. Shareholder Service
2. Maltese Company Director
3. Maltese Company Secretary
4. Bookkeeping
5. Secretarial

Our service team is composed of corporate lawyers, company managers, tax advisors and accountants and is specialised in business solutions and financial services and will help you in all aspects to reach your goal.
Connect your business to the world. Get in touch and reach your goals.

Do not hesitat to contact us for more information or for a free quote.
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