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Accountants & Auditors Malta

Accounting Services Malta

Our accountants are ready to offer you the best accounting services if you choose to open a business in the small, sunny island country. Out of all accounting firms in Malta, you can rely on us for tailored services. Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, but its size does not reflect its economic power and importance in the European Union. The island relies heavily on tourism, but trade and manufacturing are also powerful economic sectors.
Our accountants will help you know everything about the taxation system in Malta and all the benefits for foreign investors. The double taxation treaties that Malta signed with more than 50 countries ensure that entrepreneurs are protected from double taxation. You can rely on our accounting firm in Malta no matter if you run a small, medium or large-sized business in this country.
Services provided by our tax advisors

With a proven track record in the accounting and bookkeeping fields, our accountants have a great experience in offering a wide range of services, among which:
tax consultancy and planning for your company in order for you to measure your results and draft realistic plans audit services for your company, no matter if imposed by the law or you simply want to audit the performance of your business bookkeeping services which are necessary from the very beginning of your activity payroll services in order for you not to worry about your employees’ salaries and documents which need to be prepared when paying them
financial statement preparation and filing services, including VAT return filings for your Maltese business. The company’s directors are responsible for preparing individual accounts for each accounting period that include the balance sheet as of the last day of the period they refer to, the profit and loss account for that period, the notes to the accounts, and any additional statements that may be necessary. Our auditors can assist in this aspect.
Reporting requirements for companies in Malta

The management of Maltese companies does not mean only taking decisions related to the activities of the business, but a great part of work implies the correct use of the funds the company has. However, the money a Maltese business relies on must be administered and proper documents should account for them. The preparation of these documents rests on the accounting department.
Accounting firms can make sure the International Financial Reporting Standards are complied with and the balance sheets and other accounting documents are drafted and submitted in a timely manner with the Commisioner of Revenue in Malta.
Preparation of financial documents in Malta

The accounting of businesses in Malta implies the preparation of various financial documents. Among our accounting services, you can also count on specialized assistance in drafting and submitting such documents with the tax authorities.
Among the documents a company is required to file periodically and annually, we mention the following:
the accounting records which must be kept in the same currency as the share capital of the business
the annual accounts of the company which must be prepared and filed with the tax authorities, but also with the Registry of Companies (MBR) in Malta
the auditor’s report which must be presented during the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders
the director’s report which must be drafted in accordance with the provision of the Companies Act
the company’s balance sheet and profit and loss accounts which must reflect the company’s financial standing
the annual return and the tax return which must comprise detailed information on the company’s assets and liabilities
Our accounting services target both locally registered companies and foreign companies with branches and subsidiaries here.
Special accounting services in Malta

Our team of accountants can help you draw up the monthly trial balance, establish the monthly and quarterly payment obligations, prepare and submit the annual financial services, as required by the law.
The accuracy of the accounting and financial information guarantees the credibility of the company and protects it from unfortunate events, such as bankruptcy.
Our team of accountants provides a wide range of accountancy and accountancy-related services, suited to your specific business needs. Some of the services we provide are:
complete financial and management accounting
tax consultancy
performing audits for your company
monthly trial balance
annual financial statements preparation
VAT returns
tax register and many more

Do not hesitat to contact us for more information
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